Question, do you value your time?



Have you ever set up a meeting with someone who asked for you time? If you have, then most likely you set up a time and date for this personal encounter. So, you are at the meeting place, and the person is late, or the person sends you a text and tells you that something came up. Now, the question is, How do you feel about this person wasting your time?

To be honest with you, I really hate that feeling. I feel unappreciated, undervalued and unimportant. Then the thought kicks in. “Am I too available to some of these people?”

As a fitness/boxing trainER at the local gyms in Charlotte, NC. I have to be careful not to give too much time away to clients or potential clients. The reality is, this is how I make a living. I trade my time for your dollars, I am trading my experience for dollars, and lastly, you are giving me money for my ten plus years as a trainer. Am I mean person that my sole purpose is to collect money? hmmmmmm, Yes!! I have bills to pay too!! lol

One of my coaches in Charlotte is one of the best boxing coaches in the area. Every time, I see him; I always see people crowded around him. From afar, you would think that they are just talking about the day, (sometimes they do) but when you get closer, you can hear them asking for advice. They are asking for all sorts of boxing questions and advice. All my coach does is cross his arms and give you a verbal sample of the product; because he knows that his time is valuable and fighters travel from different states and cities to work with him. Granted, now and then he will give you some tips here and there, but just enough to enquire about his rates.


The point is, you need to start valuing your time and most importantly, you need to start valuing yourself. I am not yet a master at this but believe me when I say it; I am trying. I have two things working against me.

One, I am a giving person by nature. It has hurt me financially and emotionally when people take advantage of me.

Second, I would undervalue myself and think, “why would someone want to pay me?” This is an image problem and a self-esteem problem that I work EVERYDAY to overcome.

Once I have accepted the fact that….

1) My time is precious and limited
2) I have years of experience that people would pay for
3) I respect myself too much that I will not allow someone to take advantage of me.

Things got a lot easier and I was a lot more confident in telling people that I would love to work with them. (At a cost of course…lol). Some people will be offended, but at least they stop taking time away from me that will prevents me from making money.

The point to this blog, is not to charging people for every time you have a conversation with someone, but to value your time more and do not let people take advantage of you.

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Now, keep in mind, that people will always try to squeeze time and information out of you. Take that as a compliment because people are starting to see you as an authority in that field. Just keep your make sure you set the tone up front that you trade your time for dollars because they will always expect it from you.

I would love to know your thoughts! Please leave your comments bellow!

Later guys


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