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The biggest enemy we face is not our boss, spouse, friends, or even your business competitor. It’s the person that lives between your ears is who you should concern yourself with. Why? Let me explain.

As I reflect on my life, my families lives, and my role models that I aspire to be like. I notice that we all have little voices in our heads that for some darn reason, it has the audacity to doubt us. No matter how much work, research, preparation and money we invest in something; the little voice between our ears still has something to say about it.

I am willing to bet that if I ask 100 people if they have any goals that they would like to achieve? 100 out of 100 would say yes!!!

Now, If I ask the same 100 people a couple of years later if they achieved their goals? 70% would say “No” and given up on their goals, 29% would say “No” but have not given up on their goals, and 1% would say “Yes” that they have completed their goals and have moved on to something else.

During the process of achieving your goals, the little voice in our head is saying…

“Hey, you sure you can do this?”

“Now remember, if this doesn’t work out and people laugh at you, don’t say that I didn’t warn you.”

“Why do you want to try something new?  You know you like you boss (sometimes). The job is not so bad; you get two weeks off a year for vacation time and do not forget, every Friday it’s pizza day at the office. Yay!!. Aren’t those good enough reasons to stay exactly where you are comfortable?

The little voice in our head doesn’t like change, and as a result, it convinces us that you shouldn’t either.

For example, have you ever had a great idea that you couldn’t wait to tell your friends and family about?
Now, have you ever experienced a great idea that lost it’s appeal or excitement because of all the “what if’s”?

When it comes to our goals, for some reason, we assume that it will be a walk in the park with no obstacles or struggle in sight. We do not think about the paperwork we need to file, the bills we need to pay, the marketing we need to do, the research we have to do, the inventory we need to invest in, the rejections we will encounter, the competition in the market and more. Thinking about all this, would make you wonder why would someone even bother to go through all this trouble for an idea?

And do not forget, that voice is still there through out the good and the bad. The little voice in our head is like a tick eating away at a log cabin.

You may think, “It’s a tick, it will take that tick years maybe even decades, to devour that cabin.” Think about this: We are the log cabin, and that tick is the little voice in our heads eating away at us. It will gradually, eat away at our confidence, self-esteem, dreams, ambition, and even our self-respect.

Before you know it, there are ticks everywhere eating away at our foundations.

So, it brings me back to why I like to read about people who have made their goals and dreams into a reality. Because like us, they also have those little voices in their heads too, but the difference between them and other people, is that they take action anyway.

We need to take action despite all the odds, all the people telling us no, get a regular job, buy a house, live somewhere with cheap taxes, quit your dreams because you are not young anymore and you need to start thinking about your future and so on.

I am not sure what dreams you have abandoned or what goals you are approaching half heartily; just keep in mind that the little voices in our head will never go away. It will be there in your worst and best of times. If that is the case, might as well work on something that is worth working on.
Don’t you agree

Randy Coutre said it best; “The doubt never goes away, you just learn to compete with it.”

For ways to deal with your little voice, check out my article here.








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