Depression and what to do about it

Hey, Guys

how to deal with depression and being active
how to deal with depression and being active

Thanks for checking out my first post.  It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to talk about; because I wanted to be as honest and open with you as possible.  At the same time, I wanted you to feel inspired and ready to take on the world.  In this audio blog, I briefly touch on the subject of Purpose and depression that we come across every so often in our lives.

Just for the record, this podcast/blog is in the starting phases.   (So I do apologize in advance if it’s a little Raw)   There will never be a more perfect time than the present.  Most of us delay or procrastinate on our dreams or goals; because for some reason, we feel that everything has to be perfect.  Your family, work schedule, school, etc.  Honestly, if you haven’t noticed by now, that day will never come!!  WHAT YOU HAVE RIGHT NOW, IS “ENOUGH” TO GET STARTED!!!!

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