Hey everyone, Low Vision Guy here with another post. This post is a little different than my previous posts. I will start posting monthly reports of a new Shopify store that I opened up in July 2017.

As you already know. I am visually impaired and as a result, getting around is pretty much limited. I can get around via public transportation or Uber. But I would also like to work from home or anywhere in the world. That is why I created the Low Vision Guy blog and most recently, an E-commerce site called SIMPLEMITTS.COM. The whole purpose of these projects is to create more income by having remote micro businesses.

I look forward to learning and mastering this topic. Once I do, I would love to show the blind and low vision community how to do the same thing. Why? Because we (the Low vision and Blind community) rely on transportation, convenience, and the majority of the time, the assistance of others. So, I want to take back my freedom and start something from scratch and show you guys how to do the same 😉

Some of you will say, “It’s a lot of work to run your own business. Frankly, I rather work hard to run MY OWN BUSINESS than run someone else’s! Think about that.

Shopify monthly report for SEPT 2017

If you do not know what a Shopify account is, let me explain. Shopify is one of many E-commerce sites that lets anybody create an online store. You can have a store to sell almost anything. Whatever your device or product is, Shopify can cater to that.

With low entry fees when it comes to opening an online store, it’s a no-brainer that it is a lot cheaper than leasing out space at a mall or having a little kiosk. The newspaper keeps reporting that stores are having a hard time making their sales quotas, due to heavy competition from Amazon, Walmart, and overseas wholesalers

With Shopify, you only pay for the monthly plan that best fits your needs. There is no contract, but there is a discount if you do pay in a lump sum. Shopify has over 500,000 users and it safe to say that micro businesses are here to stay in America.

My business model: Drop Shipping:

Drop shipping is where you open up an online store with “no” inventory. Once a customer makes a purchase, you go to the vendor, buy the product and send it to your customer.
Easy, right? Well for now anyway. Once I start to get more orders, I will look for another method to fulfill them. So far, I notice that the bulk of my time is getting customers to the store.

If you would like to read my first income report: CLICK HERE

This is my breakdown for last month

I ran 5 Facebook Adds
I spent $.20.35 for the month
I reached 405 people.
I got 0 likes on my Business Facebook page.
I got 0 clicks on my website
1 got 0 sale

This is a hard to write but I have to do it anyway; because I promised myself and to my readers that no matter how good or how bad a month will be, it’s important to document these monthly reports.

This past month was garbage. It was garbage because I learned a valuable lesson. “Do not play with the business money!!”

This past month I was broke and had no other income coming in, so I had to use the money that I set aside to for facebook adds. Once I started using the money, I used up all the money. With the promise that I will pay myself back ;(. The results, I did not pay myself back. I know man! I know!! Trust me!

As a result, I could not run any facebook adds as planned so I had to rely on using Instagram. Between Facebook and Instagram, I have about 300 followers. With Instagram, I can see the number fluctuate up and down with all my posts, however, with Facebook, the needle does not move unless I pay Facebook to advertise for me.

I have a friend who mentioned to me the other day that there is a rumor going around on the internet that Facebook will hide your content to your followers and potential clients. They do this in order for you to be convinced that you need to purchase facebook adds.

I can see his point because I post at least three times a day and I barely see any changes to my Facebook page. The only time I do see some activity is when I pay Facebook to boost my page or a post that I created. On the other hand, when I post on Instagram, I do see the results there a lot quicker. I see the likes and the followers almost Immediately

So I invested in a course that will help me grow my Facebook pages, however, my execution has been
No excuses, I paid the money, so of course, I need reinvest into the time and start making it work for myself.

Where I got the sale:

I had only one sale from a client who trains at the gym where I work. I have to be careful because the gym will see me as competition for selling different gear other than what they are selling.

That is why my store is great because I have options for people who are beginners all the way to people who are advance. Most importantly, people can stretch out their money a lot further on my site than when they walk into a gym with limited supply.

Aside from making that sale, the other good thing was that my first customer confirmed that shopping for gloves was easier than the majority of sites she has been on. For example, she saw what category she fell into. Once there, she did not have to worry about whether these were the right gloves or not. All she had to worry about is the color she wanted.

An update on the sale:

2 weeks after she has been using the gloves, she confirmed that she loves the gloves and that they were a great upgrade from the pair she owned previously.

So the proof of concept works!! yay!!!!

I also bought some inventory to have for better pictures and make reviews on them. I made my first review here


When I go on Youtube to look up reviews on boxing equipment, I would always run into a low-quality video review. There are some good ones, but you would really need to look for them. So I figured I can do a better than that. I took the same platform as the guys who do tech reviews on youtube and applied those foundations to make my own review.

I know I need a little work, however, the more videos I do, the better I will get. So, I figured that I can combine the two and make great videos. The first video took me a while and I almost wanted to quit, but I did some push-ups and punch the punching bag until I finished the video.



-Not use the business money
-Just posting on Facebook is not as easy as posting on Instagram
-The concept of my store was validated by my first sale.
-Learned to make a product review on Imovie


-Make 10 sales
-Reach 200 followers on Facebook and Instagram
-Create 5 trainers package.

Due by 11/11/2017

Let’s see how I do. Let me know what are you guys working on!!!!


Low Vision Guy







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