I moved into a new apartment this past year and one of the biggest concerns was the walk to the train. Before, I was living in an apartment where the train was only a 3-minute walk. Now, my walk has increased to a 12 or 13- minute pounding the sidewalk to the train station.

I know some people who live in bigger cities (I live in Charlotte) are laughing at my 13-minute walk. I know first hand because my sister lives in Chicago and it was maybe a 15 to 20-minute walk to the train station. Followed by some more walking and transfers through the city.

Due to the fact that I do not drive a car, I spend most of my time commuting, walking, sitting and waiting for public transportation. So, I numb the commute with books that I read on my phone and tablet. Educate my mind and unlearn all the bad habits I have learned growing up about success and living a more fulfilling life. Usually. when I am walking somewhere, I am jamming to some old school music to get me pumped for my day, but I discovered a new source of power to get my day ready!

Just recently I started listening to an audio book called BE OBSESSED OR BE AVERAGE. by GRANT CARDONE. Grant is a sales guy at the end of the day despite his $300 million real estate empire and moving his headquarters to Miami Beach, FL. The book basically talks about taking your goals to the next level (10X as Grant calls it!) and forget to have a backup plan. Just slam the gas pedal to the floor and you better hope people do not get in your way!!

Walking to the train and listening to an audio book or something empowering is so much better than listening to music. Grant gets me pumped and provide tools to take on the world. Instead of dragging my body to the train, I am now power walking like an 80-year-old lady getting her workout in at 4 am!

Try it. Next time you are out and getting ready to go to work or someplace you know that you are not too excited about going to, plug in some ERIC THOMAS, LES BROWN, TONY ROBINS, GARY VANDERCHUCK, AND EVEN SOME GRANT CARDONE!

The Lov Vision Guy

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