So, you go to the gym and you have your cool looking shoes to match your workout shirt and shorts.  You got your cell phone with all the motivating music to make your workout a pleasant experience because, heck, “who likes working?”  Then you start on your first set all fresh and excited to get the work in.  Your body feels fresh and ready to go.  Your body feels loose and warmed up from a nice little yoga stretch you learned from this hot yoga class you found on Groupon.   SET ONE….done!!!

When we all go to the gym, I am pretty sure we all have the best intentions in the world.  We want to lose weight, we want to wear that bikini we bought we bought 2 weeks ago… etc etc etc.

I admire anyone who gets off the couch and starts being active.  I also admire people who have a great appreciation for athletes and their hard work.  The person that I do not admire is the person that drives to the gym and walks on the treadmill while they are on facebook or social media.  Instead of giving everything they got, they instead are buried their phone worries about people that they might never meet.

Maybe I am judging, but the point is, I believe a lot of us are not where we want to be because we are too comfortable and stop in content when we did one or two sets.  Where that be in the gym or your life, we sometimes just do enough to just do enough.

So, the way I view thing in life or at the gym.  The first set will be a breeze, but it’s the last set when your mind and body are tired.  That is the vital point where you will either stay with the sheep or stray away and be the wolf!

See, the first couple of sets you do are all fine and dandy.  You are feeling good and your body feels strong.  You almost feel like you can do anything, but what really matters is how you feel and think about yourself when the last set comes into play.  Do you say to yourself, “Well, I already did 5 and that’s enough.”  Or let me knock out this last one so that I can sleep well at night and not have any regrets.”

Arnold has said it many times in his bodybuilding career that the last sets in his workout always set him apart from the average joes.  Arnold would openly say that he puked outside the gym after the last few sets or passed out many times.  I am not saying that if you are not doing those two things you are worthless, but by pushing your body more than you think you can, it will help you build your self-confidence in yourself.

The last set in your workout or even in your life when you are selling something, asking a girl out or even the follow-up call for a job you are trying to get will always set you apart.

You may feel like you can’t do it, or that your body and spirit will give.  Maybe they will and they won’t.  The point is, you will never know if you don’t push yourself and swim in the deep end.

Check out my podcast in why I think the last set is uber important in your life!










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