Hey, everyone, I hope all of you are doing well today.

Haha, I sound like I just said the secret word on the Pee Wee Herman’s playhouse…lol

Okay, but for real now guys. Every Wednesday on my blog, I will feature a new product, tutorial, how to videos, life hacks, and accessibility settings to help the low vision and blind community deal with limited vision on our terms.

On a side note. When I am writing, I am always listening to music to inspire and motivate me. If you like 90’s R&B, then the Pandora station if Usher is awesome. Nowadays, I really do not hear that much R&B, so when I do hear it, I definitely appreciate it. Next time you are listening to your streaming app, try 90’S R&B.

On to the tech post.

Today I have the myth the legend, SAM FROM THE BLIND SPOT. He has a great youtube channel which you should subscribe to because; he has some pretty impressive reviews for the low vision and blind community. Sam is also legally blind so, hearing his reviews on products made for the low vision and blind community which makes him a credible source. I find his videos help when I want to purchase low vision needs or looking for a life hack to deal with low vision living.

In this video, SAM FROM THE BLIND SPOT will show you how to make your regular Android Phone into a big CLOCK.

Check out the video here and enjoy:

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