Hey, everyone, I hope all of you are doing well today.


Haha, I sound like I just said the secret word on the Pee Wee Herman’s playhouse…lol


Okay, but for real now guys. Every Wednesday on my blog, I will feature a new product, tutorial, how to videos, life hacks, and accessibility settings to help the low vision and blind community with sighted challenges.

On a side note. When I am writing, I am always listening to music to inspire and motivate me. Right now I am listening to “Wanna be Startin something” by Micheal Jackson. I believe this was the famous album that had thriller and won 7 Grammy’s..lol wow. Great album. Check it out HERE

On to the tech post.

Today I have the myth the legend, Sam from the Blind Life. SUBSCRIBE HERE.

He has a great YouTube channel which you should subscribe to because; he has some pretty impressive reviews for the low vision and blind community. Sam is also legally blind so, hearing his reviews on products made for the low vision and blind community, are really cool. I personally like Sam’s reviews because they are coming from first-hand experiences from a person with low vision.

Check out this review that Sam did on the New Readit Scholar HD. This is a newer and updated portable CCTV. Looks awesome. Do you guys remember the big ones we used to have in class? I wasn’t sure if I was reading a paper or doing a CatScan on someone..haha laugh




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