What would have happen if you didn’t give up?

What would have happened if you didn’t give up?


Hey, Pain4Gainers!! Hope you guys are doing well. This is your host and your Mr. Magoo AKA.. DeMarco!!! It has been a while since I have sat down and shared my worldly thoughts on you, crazy people!! No worries, I am fighting my demons and saying NO to my bad habits to make this blog happen and hopefully, helping people along the way.


So, for this topic, it wasn’t that hard to come up with my podcast because; it is clearly the very reason why I took a long break from podcasting.  Throughout my life, I have quit in doing so many things that I regret to this day.   For example, I have quit on my health, my studies and even ended some relationships because; I just didn’t want to deal with all the pressure, the disappointments and even the responsibilities that came with it.

So, this question pops into my head, “what could my life have been like, if I had not quit on my goals that I was so eager to start?” Now, of course, there is no reason to dwell on the past, but you cannot help but wonder.

That is the topic of my podcast today, what would your life have become if you had not quit on your dreams?  In this episode, I talk about a few successful people in our society today that pushed through their pain periods of rejection and humiliation.  If these mega famous people had let their inner negative voice take over, I might not be talking about them today.  I will not doubt that their wealth has brought them happiness, but  I like to think that a reflection of their “no give up attitude has brought them more joy than their material things.  Maybe a smile comes across their face when they think back to their past.

For example, the thought that dialog that comes across their minds, “If I had stopped when I got fired/replaced/rejected/went bankrupt/lost a family member/etc:  I would not be where I am today.” I like to think that these successful people look back at themselves and are so proud for not giving up when things did not go their way.

What do you think?

Well, enjoy the podcast and once again, thank you so much for stopping by and I really look forward hearing your comments, concerns or emotional outburst!!!! AHHHHHHH




p.s.  Here is the link where I found all these amazing people that I talked about in this article.


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