Over a week ago I heard a lecture from the world-renowned TONY ROBBINS. If you do not know who TONY ROBBINS is, then please check him out on youtube or buy some of his books. Tony went from being a janitor in his late teens to now making almost $6 billion dollars a year with his 22 companies that he oversees.

In this lecture that I found on Youtube, I was hearing Tony talking about being in the RIGHT STATE OF MIND. Many of us are not in the right state of mind because we are so busy with life and frankly, where does one find the time to get in the right state of mind?

Why is it important to be in a good state of mind? Having a good state of mind allows us to reduce our stress, think more clearly and make better decisions about our lives. Most importantly, we are more pleasant to be around. Have you ever been around someone who constantly complains, worries, has social anxiety or just makes you uncomfortable to be around? The fact is, we all have problems, but some of us do a better job handling it better than others.

We are all looking to be in a good state of mind, however, the act of doing it could be the problem. For example, after having a long week at work, we are ready for the weekend so that we can hit the clubs or the bars. For some people being in a good state of mind is drinking and getting wasted to release the stress of work and life.

Another example would be people using drugs to get into that state of mind. I have known people to take some pretty heavy stuff to get in their so-called “state of mind.” Those same people will justify it up and down why they need to do it. Life, kids, bills, work, etc.

TONY ROBBINS made it very clear and straight to the point. If you have to ingest and consume substances to get you in a better state of mind, then your reality sucks! It’s SO TRUE!!!! When I pause for a moment and think about the people who rely on these substances to get in a good state of mind, they usually are big complainers, conformist, and unmotivated individuals.

Don’t get me wrong, I have had my fair share of drinks in the past, and when I heard Tony talk about this subject. It just made perfect sense. The times I was partying and drinking was mostly because I was so unhappy with my work and life balance.

So how do I find my happy place without damaging my health DeMarco?! Well, thankfully, there are natural and organic ways where one can find this much-needed state of mind. We can do. one of the following in no particular order…

Serving a good cause
Being social at a mixer or networking event.
Chanting in a Buddhist meeting
Follow a religion you admire and respect.

I was telling this to a co-worker on how we can still get the same state of mind without drinking and he looked at me like I was crazy. It is easy for him to drink and smoke weed instead of going to the gym and putting some work in.

See, the act of doing something is not the reward, the reward comes from after we do that activity. Does that make sense? Re-read that sentence again!

For example, I don’t want to take the time to drink 5 beers, what I do want is the buzz that I get from drinking 5 beers. I want the feeling and comfort of drinking 5 beers. I am looking for that relaxed state of mind as a result of drinking 5 beers. Get it!!!!

So what if we can find an activity that will give us the same results as drinking 5 beers and still put us in the right state of mind?

With that question in mind? I asked a few people that I worked with and everybody said: “Yes, of course.” But when it came to the time of thinking of an activity or applying it, they were also quick to dismiss it.

For example, studies show that people who exercise at least 3 times a week are likely to be happier and have a better outlook on life. Cool right?!

At work for example, when I feel antsy, stressed or overwhelmed. I go outside for a walk, stretch, jump up and down, raise my hands above my head as if I am trying to touch the sun. Once I am done, I feel GREAT!!! I got some blood circulation going. I feel looser for stretching and feel accomplished because I had a little power walk to wake me up.

My state of mind is not completely clear or where I want it to be, however, it is a lot closer where I would like it to be and I feel much better when I go back inside.

Or, I can just smoke a cigarette and go on social media for my 15-minute break…lol

What do you guys think?


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