You read and hear about it all the time. Where a successful entrepreneur talks about the day he decided to quit his day job and dedicate all his/her resources on their new business venture. For example, entrepreneurs like Mark Cuban who was working for a small software company and was fired after closing a big deal for his employer. We all know what happened to Mark Cuban after The CEO and co-creator of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, dropped out of one of the most prestigious universities in the world to launch Facebook.

Yes, we all like to hear about the underdog stories, but no one likes to be the underdog. Noone likes to have their backs up against the wall and have a do or die attitude. Why? Because it’s extremely uncomfortable. and people do not like being uncomfortable. Myself included. I am scared to death of it, but I always remind myself this one quote.

“Nothing amazing ever happens when you are comfortable.”

Circumstances in my life have opened up my eyes and ears on how much I rely on institutions like schools and jobs to improve my quality of life. I figured that if I put in the time and work, I would be safe, secure and happy. (“well, that is what I was told growing up anyway.”) Then, I started to notice one inevitable fact. If I continue on the path that I am on right now, I will not be safe, secure and happy.

I am about to quit a job that I have been working there for 3 years now. The thought of leaving is scary because the job has silently conditioned me to believe that, “This is what I’m good at and no one else in the market wants to hire me. So, I should just be happy.”

I originally took this job as a way to pay bills until my side hustles were profitable enough for me to quit. Then the days turned into weeks, the weeks turned into months and the months turned into years. In addition to that, when you have income coming in (Just enough money to pay the bills) you get complacent and comfortable. “That’s what happened to me.”

There wasn’t any urgency to getting my side hustles back up and running again. I’d stayed at this job for the last three years unhappy, unappreciated, and underemployed. All because I did not believe in myself to improve my quality of life. Instead, I “expected” my job and my employer to do it for me.

I can only speak for myself about this matter, however, I honestly believe that if you stay in a location or situation long enough, you start to believe that, “There is nothing beyond this point and this is who I am and what I know.” It gets especially even harder when we rely on other people and institutions to do the work for us. At this point, we are so reactive at work, that we do not bother to be proactive in our personal lives.

“If you work 8 hours a day and you come home and do not work on your own goals. You are not tired, you are uninspired.”

Now, when you add the length of time you invested in a company, the rejection letters from other jobs in the market place (Because you no longer wish to work there anymore), and the constant nagging from the media about how scarce the job market is, then you really start to believe that there is nothing else out there for you.

So let’s be real about this for a minute. The majority of the people out there are content and satisfied with that reality. They have no problem with coming into work and doing their one particular job. and then going home right after.

I Just want to go on record, that there’s nothing wrong with these people nor do I think that in any way I’m superior to this type of thinking. I just feel like I would have a better chance of improving my life instead of allowing someone else to do it for me.

The fact is, the wealthiest people in the world are self-employed. Not only are they self-employed, but they understood that in order to make changes in their lives they would have to take back control of their money, time, and resources. They also understand that doing one particular job is not enough to make a difference. Most importantly, the mega-successful understand that no one else other than themselves will create the quality of life they want. So, they set out to create it for themselves.




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For example, George Lucas who is the creator of Star Wars. During the making of Star Wars, George Lucas and company spent all the money the movie studio gave them to make Star Wars.  George Lucas approached the movie studio for more money to finance the rest of the movie, but he was denied. So, George Lucas took matters into his own hands and ended up maxing out all of his credit cards and selling his own home to finance the rest of the production of star wars. We all know how that turned

One of my favorite examples is Sylvester Stallone. He had struggled in school and as an up anc coming actor. His dream was to be a leading man in a big movie production, but the reality was, he had a speech problem and didn’t look like a leading man for a movie.  His solution to that problem was to create a script that he could play as the leading man.  It took Sylvester Stallone only three days to write the movie, Rocky. He approached movie studios with his new script in the hopes they will love it. The movie studios loved the script, but they did not love Sylvester Stallone being Rocky. Long story short, he eventually got the part, but it required Stallone to write his own script with him being a leading man. No other movie. the studio was going to do that for him.

What I am trying to say is, no one is looking out for your best interests. No one cares about how much money you are making to pay your bills, no one cares if you have enough time to spend with your family. If you think the government, schools or your employer will improve your quality of life for being a good citizen, worker or student. Then, do not hold your breath for too long.


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