So, are you judging people because they do not share your goals, vision or plans.  
So, are you judging people because they do not share your goals, vision or plans.

So, are you judging people because they do not share your goals, vision or plans.

I have a client that I see every now and then. Our first encounter was a few months ago. We were doing small talk in order to make the transaction less awkward.

She decided to mention that she is doing some sort of business on the side and that I might be interested in the business venture. I was curious, so I asked her what it was? She refused to tell me unless I met with her at a meeting location. I already knew what it was when she finished her sentenced. Muti Level Marketing.

How do I know? Because I was already involved with two different multi-level marketing companies before.

Despite what people say about them, I believe that it is a good system if you like the whole idea of recruiting people and making passive income. Who doesn’t like passive income?! I even invested my own time and money and didn’t see much results. Doesn’t mean that It is a bad system, I guess it was not for me then and It is still not for me today.

So, I politely told her “No thank you. I am not interested in taking up any other projects because I have three at the moment, that is taking up my time.” (Pretty straightforward and to the point, right?!)


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She just kept pushing, I was already getting annoyed with this lady. And guys, if you ever meet me, I cannot hide my emotions. When I get annoyed, you can easily tell by looking at me, I am annoyed. No poker face

We still exchange contact information, if she needed any further assistance from either me or my employer. Then I start getting the calls and text messages. I knew it was her at first, so I ignored them. (That was the worst thing I could have done). Then she kept calling more. Finally, I answered and spoke with her for a while.

She wanted to tell me about this great business idea and that she could only tell me in person. And I was not about to drop my things and meet this woman and waste my time. Then her boss or manager started talking to me over the phone as well. He also tried to butter me up about the business venture. So, I asked, What’s the service or the product? Same answer as my client. (She was trained From there, I was annoyed and simply said, “I am not interested.”


A few months ago, I ran into her again and it was good to see her because she is a nice lady. She asked me again about her business venture and again I told her no. ( She is persistent, I will give her

Then she said, “you are closed minded.” After that statement, I was completely shut off. She was talking for a while and quite honestly, I have no ideas what she was saying because I was uber annoyed and frustrated with her at this point.

The point of this story is not to talk bad about the lady, is to remind ourselves that just because a person does not share our same goals, plans, or vision. They are not closed minded! They have other goals, vision, and plans for themselves. Even if you do not find their goals as fascinating. as yours, it’s still their decision.

I had to learn this years ago and I am re-learning this again. Lately, my goal, vision, and plan are to blog and travel the world. The reality is, not everyone wants to travel and write blogs. Just because I come across someone who does not share that goal, does not make the inferior to me.

So, the next time someone does not share your goals, vision, and pans. Do not write them off like my client did to me. Respect their decision and tell them, “That’s awesome! Do you have a blog or a social media account so that I can follow your journey?” Support them, encourage them!!

That’s how you network!!!


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