So, are you judging people because they do not share your goals, vision or plans.  
So, are you judging people because they do not share your goals, vision or plans.

So, are you judging people because they do not share your goals, vision or plans.

I have a client that I see every now and then. Our first encounter was a few months ago. We were doing small talk in order to make the transaction less awkward.

She decided to mention that she is doing some sort of business on the side and that I might be interested in the business venture. I was curious, so I asked her what it was? She refused to tell me unless I met with her at a meeting location. I already knew what it was when she finished her sentenced. Muti Level Marketing.

How do I know? Because I was already involved with two different multi-level marketing companies before.

Despite what people say about them, I believe that it is a good system if you like the whole idea of recruiting people and making passive income. Who doesn’t like passive income?! I even invested my own time and money and didn’t see much results. Doesn’t mean that It is a bad system, I guess it was not for me then and It is still not for me today.

So, I politely told her “No thank you. I am not interested in taking up any other projects because I have three at the moment, that is taking up my time.” (Pretty straightforward and to the point, right?!)


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She just kept pushing, I was already getting annoyed with this lady. And guys, if you ever meet me, I cannot hide my emotions. When I get annoyed, you can easily tell by looking at me, I am annoyed. No poker face

We still exchange contact information, if she needed any further assistance from either me or my employer. Then I start getting the calls and text messages. I knew it was her at first, so I ignored them. (That was the worst thing I could have done). Then she kept calling more. Finally, I answered and spoke with her for a while.

She wanted to tell me about this great business idea and that she could only tell me in person. And I was not about to drop my things and meet this woman and waste my time. Then her boss or manager started talking to me over the phone as well. He also tried to butter me up about the business venture. So, I asked, What’s the service or the product? Same answer as my client. (She was trained From there, I was annoyed and simply said, “I am not interested.”


A few months ago, I ran into her again and it was good to see her because she is a nice lady. She asked me again about her business venture and again I told her no. ( She is persistent, I will give her

Then she said, “you are closed minded.” After that statement, I was completely shut off. She was talking for a while and quite honestly, I have no ideas what she was saying because I was uber annoyed and frustrated with her at this point.

The point of this story is not to talk bad about the lady, is to remind ourselves that just because a person does not share our same goals, plans, or vision. They are not closed minded! They have other goals, vision, and plans for themselves. Even if you do not find their goals as fascinating. as yours, it’s still their decision.

I had to learn this years ago and I am re-learning this again. Lately, my goal, vision, and plan are to blog and travel the world. The reality is, not everyone wants to travel and write blogs. Just because I come across someone who does not share that goal, does not make the inferior to me.

So, the next time someone does not share your goals, vision, and pans. Do not write them off like my client did to me. Respect their decision and tell them, “That’s awesome! Do you have a blog or a social media account so that I can follow your journey?” Support them, encourage them!!

That’s how you network!!!


Low Vision Guy is here to bring relevant information about the challenges of living with visual impairment.   In this channel/Blog, we will talk about the challenges of dating, communication, assistant technology, services for the blind and much more.  I am not here to make your life easier; I am here to make your life BETTER.





Hey, everyone, I hope all of you are doing well today.


Haha, I sound like I just said the secret word on the Pee Wee Herman’s playhouse…lol


Okay, but for real now guys. Every Wednesday on my blog, I will feature a new product, tutorial, how to videos, life hacks, and accessibility settings to help the low vision and blind community with sighted challenges.

On a side note. When I am writing, I am always listening to music to inspire and motivate me. Right now I am listening to “Wanna be Startin something” by Micheal Jackson. I believe this was the famous album that had thriller and won 7 Grammy’ wow. Great album. Check it out HERE

On to the tech post.

Today I have the myth the legend, Sam from the Blind Life. SUBSCRIBE HERE.

He has a great YouTube channel which you should subscribe to because; he has some pretty impressive reviews for the low vision and blind community. Sam is also legally blind so, hearing his reviews on products made for the low vision and blind community, are really cool. I personally like Sam’s reviews because they are coming from first-hand experiences from a person with low vision.

Check out this review that Sam did on the New Readit Scholar HD. This is a newer and updated portable CCTV. Looks awesome. Do you guys remember the big ones we used to have in class? I wasn’t sure if I was reading a paper or doing a CatScan on someone..haha laugh




Why having personal success is vital for your well being.

Why having personal success is vital for your well being.

For the last last 7 years, I have been on a path to be my own boss and a self-made entrepreneur.  The thought never really crossed my mind up until I was working for At&t.  If it wasn’t for At&t being such a horrible place to work for and then later on getting fired, I may have ended up in a dark place.  The pain was so bad, that it forced me to reconsider my options.  I wasn’t clear exactly what I wanted to do, but I did know for a fact, working for someone else wasn’t for me.

During those years, I have tried several business attempts and have experienced more failures than an average man is willing to endure in their lifetime. I mean for real man..haha.

When those moments do happen, I feel pretty low and sorry for myself for even trying. But then I start thinking about all my heroes growing up.

Grant Cardone was a drug and alcohol addict in his 20’s before he became muti-millionaire in sales and real estate.

Dave Ramsey went bankrupt twice before he became a millionaire.

Sylvester Stallone couldn’t find a stable job or acting gig before Rocky.

Micheal Jordon has admitted that teammates would pass him the ball for the winning game shot and missed. But because of those misses, It allowed him to hold 5 championship rings.

George Lucas had to mortgage his house in order to finish Star Wars; because the studio would not give him any more money to finish the film.

Jeff Bezos the founder of Amazon had people laughing at him when he was selling books online from his garage in the 90’s




How to push through the pain when reaching your goals:  MY LAST SET


Are you worthy to achieve your goals?  AM I WORTHY?


Wanting to be your own boss may not be your dream, but I am pretty sure there is something that you would like to accomplish in the near future. Without a target to shoot for or a purpose to drive us, we will have an emptyness inside that we will try to fill with material things.

I heard a travel podcast the other day and the host was saying, “If you want to travel or all of sudden you have the itch to travel around the world. Then do it! It is necessary for your well being to do it. Traveling may very well be the next step of your evolution for your life and therefore, it is necessary that you do it!”

Like I said, maybe traveling or being your own boss may not be your next goal, but I am willing to bet the farm you have some sort of goals that you would like to follow through. You may not realize it at the moment, but working towards that goal may be the next stage of your evolutionary life.  Look at the questions below and write down your answers on a piece of paper or put it in your phone to look at.

In order for me to grow in my personal life, I need to (FILL IN THE BLANK)


What goals have I been thinking about lately that could improve the quality of my life?


What goals have been keeping me up at night and not allowing me sleep?


When I complete this goal, my life will be better in terms of (FILL IN THE BLANK)


Don’t settle guys and always keep pushing. When life pushes you down, you get back up and tell life…

“You hit like a B…….! haha




Low Vision Guy is here to bring relevant information about the challenges of living with visual impairment.   In this channel/Blog, we will talk about the challenges of dating, communication, assistant technology, services for the blind and much more.  I am not here to make your life easier; I am here to make your life BETTER.





Hey everyone, Low Vision Guy here with another post. This post is a little different than my previous posts. I will start posting monthly reports of a new Shopify store that I opened up in July 2017.

As you already know. I am visually impaired and as a result, getting around is pretty much limited. I can get around via public transportation or Uber. But I would also like to work from home or anywhere in the world. That is why I created the Low Vision Guy blog and most recently, an E-commerce site called SIMPLEMITTS.COM. The whole purpose of these projects is to create more income by having remote micro businesses.

I look forward to learning and mastering this topic. Once I do, I would love to show the blind and low vision community how to do the same thing. Why? Because we (the Low vision and Blind community) rely on transportation, convenience, and the majority of the time, the assistance of others. So, I want to take back my freedom and start something from scratch and show you guys how to do the same 😉

Some of you will say, “It’s a lot of work to run your own business. Frankly, I rather work hard to run MY OWN BUSINESS than run someone else’s! Think about that.

Shopify monthly report for SEPT 2017

If you do not know what a Shopify account is, let me explain. Shopify is one of many E-commerce sites that lets anybody create an online store. You can have a store to sell almost anything. Whatever your device or product is, Shopify can cater to that.

With low entry fees when it comes to opening an online store, it’s a no-brainer that it is a lot cheaper than leasing out space at a mall or having a little kiosk. The newspaper keeps reporting that stores are having a hard time making their sales quotas, due to heavy competition from Amazon, Walmart, and overseas wholesalers

With Shopify, you only pay for the monthly plan that best fits your needs. There is no contract, but there is a discount if you do pay in a lump sum. Shopify has over 500,000 users and it safe to say that micro businesses are here to stay in America.

My business model: Drop Shipping:

Drop shipping is where you open up an online store with “no” inventory. Once a customer makes a purchase, you go to the vendor, buy the product and send it to your customer.
Easy, right? Well for now anyway. Once I start to get more orders, I will look for another method to fulfill them. So far, I notice that the bulk of my time is getting customers to the store.

If you would like to read my first income report: CLICK HERE

This is my breakdown for last month

I ran 5 Facebook Adds
I spent $.20.35 for the month
I reached 405 people.
I got 0 likes on my Business Facebook page.
I got 0 clicks on my website
1 got 0 sale

This is a hard to write but I have to do it anyway; because I promised myself and to my readers that no matter how good or how bad a month will be, it’s important to document these monthly reports.

This past month was garbage. It was garbage because I learned a valuable lesson. “Do not play with the business money!!”

This past month I was broke and had no other income coming in, so I had to use the money that I set aside to for facebook adds. Once I started using the money, I used up all the money. With the promise that I will pay myself back ;(. The results, I did not pay myself back. I know man! I know!! Trust me!

As a result, I could not run any facebook adds as planned so I had to rely on using Instagram. Between Facebook and Instagram, I have about 300 followers. With Instagram, I can see the number fluctuate up and down with all my posts, however, with Facebook, the needle does not move unless I pay Facebook to advertise for me.

I have a friend who mentioned to me the other day that there is a rumor going around on the internet that Facebook will hide your content to your followers and potential clients. They do this in order for you to be convinced that you need to purchase facebook adds.

I can see his point because I post at least three times a day and I barely see any changes to my Facebook page. The only time I do see some activity is when I pay Facebook to boost my page or a post that I created. On the other hand, when I post on Instagram, I do see the results there a lot quicker. I see the likes and the followers almost Immediately

So I invested in a course that will help me grow my Facebook pages, however, my execution has been
No excuses, I paid the money, so of course, I need reinvest into the time and start making it work for myself.

Where I got the sale:

I had only one sale from a client who trains at the gym where I work. I have to be careful because the gym will see me as competition for selling different gear other than what they are selling.

That is why my store is great because I have options for people who are beginners all the way to people who are advance. Most importantly, people can stretch out their money a lot further on my site than when they walk into a gym with limited supply.

Aside from making that sale, the other good thing was that my first customer confirmed that shopping for gloves was easier than the majority of sites she has been on. For example, she saw what category she fell into. Once there, she did not have to worry about whether these were the right gloves or not. All she had to worry about is the color she wanted.

An update on the sale:

2 weeks after she has been using the gloves, she confirmed that she loves the gloves and that they were a great upgrade from the pair she owned previously.

So the proof of concept works!! yay!!!!

I also bought some inventory to have for better pictures and make reviews on them. I made my first review here


When I go on Youtube to look up reviews on boxing equipment, I would always run into a low-quality video review. There are some good ones, but you would really need to look for them. So I figured I can do a better than that. I took the same platform as the guys who do tech reviews on youtube and applied those foundations to make my own review.

I know I need a little work, however, the more videos I do, the better I will get. So, I figured that I can combine the two and make great videos. The first video took me a while and I almost wanted to quit, but I did some push-ups and punch the punching bag until I finished the video.



-Not use the business money
-Just posting on Facebook is not as easy as posting on Instagram
-The concept of my store was validated by my first sale.
-Learned to make a product review on Imovie


-Make 10 sales
-Reach 200 followers on Facebook and Instagram
-Create 5 trainers package.

Due by 11/11/2017

Let’s see how I do. Let me know what are you guys working on!!!!


Low Vision Guy








Over a week ago I heard a lecture from the world-renowned TONY ROBBINS. If you do not know who TONY ROBBINS is, then please check him out on youtube or buy some of his books. Tony went from being a janitor in his late teens to now making almost $6 billion dollars a year with his 22 companies that he oversees.

In this lecture that I found on Youtube, I was hearing Tony talking about being in the RIGHT STATE OF MIND. Many of us are not in the right state of mind because we are so busy with life and frankly, where does one find the time to get in the right state of mind?

Why is it important to be in a good state of mind? Having a good state of mind allows us to reduce our stress, think more clearly and make better decisions about our lives. Most importantly, we are more pleasant to be around. Have you ever been around someone who constantly complains, worries, has social anxiety or just makes you uncomfortable to be around? The fact is, we all have problems, but some of us do a better job handling it better than others.

We are all looking to be in a good state of mind, however, the act of doing it could be the problem. For example, after having a long week at work, we are ready for the weekend so that we can hit the clubs or the bars. For some people being in a good state of mind is drinking and getting wasted to release the stress of work and life.

Another example would be people using drugs to get into that state of mind. I have known people to take some pretty heavy stuff to get in their so-called “state of mind.” Those same people will justify it up and down why they need to do it. Life, kids, bills, work, etc.

TONY ROBBINS made it very clear and straight to the point. If you have to ingest and consume substances to get you in a better state of mind, then your reality sucks! It’s SO TRUE!!!! When I pause for a moment and think about the people who rely on these substances to get in a good state of mind, they usually are big complainers, conformist, and unmotivated individuals.

Don’t get me wrong, I have had my fair share of drinks in the past, and when I heard Tony talk about this subject. It just made perfect sense. The times I was partying and drinking was mostly because I was so unhappy with my work and life balance.

So how do I find my happy place without damaging my health DeMarco?! Well, thankfully, there are natural and organic ways where one can find this much-needed state of mind. We can do. one of the following in no particular order…

Serving a good cause
Being social at a mixer or networking event.
Chanting in a Buddhist meeting
Follow a religion you admire and respect.

I was telling this to a co-worker on how we can still get the same state of mind without drinking and he looked at me like I was crazy. It is easy for him to drink and smoke weed instead of going to the gym and putting some work in.

See, the act of doing something is not the reward, the reward comes from after we do that activity. Does that make sense? Re-read that sentence again!

For example, I don’t want to take the time to drink 5 beers, what I do want is the buzz that I get from drinking 5 beers. I want the feeling and comfort of drinking 5 beers. I am looking for that relaxed state of mind as a result of drinking 5 beers. Get it!!!!

So what if we can find an activity that will give us the same results as drinking 5 beers and still put us in the right state of mind?

With that question in mind? I asked a few people that I worked with and everybody said: “Yes, of course.” But when it came to the time of thinking of an activity or applying it, they were also quick to dismiss it.

For example, studies show that people who exercise at least 3 times a week are likely to be happier and have a better outlook on life. Cool right?!

At work for example, when I feel antsy, stressed or overwhelmed. I go outside for a walk, stretch, jump up and down, raise my hands above my head as if I am trying to touch the sun. Once I am done, I feel GREAT!!! I got some blood circulation going. I feel looser for stretching and feel accomplished because I had a little power walk to wake me up.

My state of mind is not completely clear or where I want it to be, however, it is a lot closer where I would like it to be and I feel much better when I go back inside.

Or, I can just smoke a cigarette and go on social media for my 15-minute break…lol

What do you guys think?