Hey everyone, Low Vision Guy here!!


Hope you guys are doing well and enjoying your week!

I wanted to take the time and write a quick blog post.  The topic for today’s post is, it is okay for you to tell people NO!

I bring this up because way back in the day, I was a super people pleaser.  I could not say “No” to someone who asked something of me.  “Hey DeMarco, are you free for this?  Can you come into work on this day?  Do you want to join in this Herbal Life seminar I am doing…lol”.  The fact is, people want our time and our resources; and the bigger problem is that you do not have the guts to tell them No!

So what do you do when people are asking for your time, but you only have so much time to give?   Well, I can tell you the worst thing you can do is tell someone, “Let me think about.”  Let me get back to you about that.  Let me think about it.  Yeah, of course that sounds great, let me call you with more details.”  The fact is, all those statements above are mostly made for the person who

The fact is, all those statements above are mostly made from the person who doesn’t have the confidence to say “NO THANK YOU.”  The other unpopular fact about using those statements, is that when you say them, you are setting yourself up for failure with that person.  You know that you do not want to do it or be there…lol. SO why say YES in the first place?!

Just tell the person…

That sounds like a great thing that you are doing, however, I don’t think it will be a great fit for me.

That sounds pretty cool, however, I am currently working on a project right now and do not have time for anything else at the moment.

(My favorite.). I appreciate you thinking of me for this, but I am just not interested in doing that right now.  Thank you anyway.


The point is, tell them no, let them know that you have other things planed.   If not, they will keep bothering you and you could ruin the relationship.  I rather tell you “No” now then avoiding you later

Later guys!