How to criticize people

This is a pretty cool article where I think it is very relevant to everyone and it doesn’t matter if you are sighted or not.

how to criticize people
how to criticize people

How to deal with criticism and most importantly, how to give it.

It is very true when someone said, ” if you are NOT being criticized,  then you’re probably not doing anything worth criticizing .”

The reason for this article is because the experience happened to me a few days ago with friends and family.   When you’re working on a project, it’s natural to go to people who you know to give you solid advice.   The problem; however, you don’t expect that type of reply or criticism to come from people you know.   Although it should be assumed, however, my guard was completely down.

So, the main reason for this article is to show the negative effects of criticizing someone and how to properly criticize someone without them getting angry at you.

Enjoy  The video that I created for you guys

$47 short

$47 short

so, I wake up Friday morning to check my bank statement. I am looking forward to paying rent so that I can focus on other things. When I saw my bank account and saw how much I had in there, I was furious. So mad, that the term “waking up on the wrong side of the bed” could not be further from the truth.

Every dollar I made from my two jobs (with the exception of food) I still was short of paying my rent. I was $47 short.

I know what you are thinking. (“WHY THE FUCK DO YOI LIVE IN A PLACE WHERE THE RENT IS SO HIGH?”)

I couldn’t agree with you more. When I got this apartment, I was making good money and I could afford it. Things have changed and it is partly my fault. So, I am the one to blame right now, however, the $47 just started my day off with a sense of “WHAT THE FUCK”

I think for a while, my family thought I was a drug addict or something; because I was always short of money. One of the main reason is because where I live and I am not bringing as much money as I used to.

Easy fix, just start selling again and things will go back to normal or better. Well, it’s kind of hard when you don’t like where you work, you are trying to get your business going with no clients.

Easier said than done.

To credit myself, I have endured a lot of shit that I thought I would never have too and frankly, I appreciate those experience very much.
I have learned that I can Multiple setbacks, disappointments, emotional, spiritual, financial hardships.

In the end, I have become a stronger man and more rough around the edges because of it. I am still a nice guy and that will never go away, but when you go through some shit and your “daddy” is not there to help you out, you become a different person.

Btw, rent is paid. 😀 thanks to my awesome mom for loaning me $50 and believing me!