Most of my career, I have always worked in the service industry. I have dealt with people who were super nice and amazing individuals to come across; to people where I felt immediately sorry for the person who has to deal with them at home.  The people who are usually jerks and rude are the ones who probably never worked in the service industry or if they have; it’s their own way of letting out their frustration from their own dissatisfied day job.

I have always been a nice person and hyper-aware of other people’s feelings and emotions. No matter if I am ordering a burger at a restaurant or talking to a co-worker. My parents always taught me, to “always be nice, talk with respect, and treat people as you would like to be treated.”  Simple golden rule to follow by,  don’t you think?

More and more, I am seeing that is not the case; because people still think that the only way to get what they want, is by being a rude ass jerk to other people.

In my experience, you will be surprised how many upgrades, free drinks, and food I have gotten over the years for just being “nice. ”   When I go out to eat, check my bags at the airport, order a beer at the bar, I ask people this one question.  When I ask people this question, their whole attitude changes towards me and now they are more engaged with me, making eye contact, and even “genuinely” smiling at me. As opposed to obligation

Asking people “How is your day going?” Can change the course of a conversation or interaction more than you will ever imagine.  A manager once told me, “Hey, people can’t talk to you that way, we are people too..” Yeah..yeah.. We are fucking people too!!!””

When people go around and start acting like fools, do you think you get respect, hell no?!!  They tell their co-workers, “look at that ugly ass B…..! So, for the whole time you are there, you are being secretly made fun of by the employees.  So, how do you make people happy and still get the service you want?  You be nice and acknowledge that the person who is serving you

Every time I am out and ask people, “How is your day going?” They look at me as if I am really there standing in front of them. That another person has acknowledged then and aware of their presence. One side of me makes me feel happy that I can brighten up their day and the other side makes me feel sad, that we as a society have become so self-absorbed

So, the next time you are out, ask the person, “How their day is going?” Have a genuine conversation with them and see the magic that will happen between you and the other person.  Heck, if you make a good impression they may even upgrade your food, your airline seat and sometimes a free meal.



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