I hope you are doing well and enjoying the new year!  The Holidays are over and now all of us are back to our day to day lives.  It is the time of the year, where we promised ourselves that we would make a positive change in our lives.  Their is a reason why I posted this blog and podcast 3 weeks after 2016….ARE YOU STILL WORKING ON YOUR GOALS OR DID YOU ALREADY QUIT?

It is 4:35am right now, I am doing this post because I know that my week will be crazy and I will not have any other time to make this podcast.  THERE IS NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT!!

On this Podcast, I talk about 5 ways to help you with your 2016 goals.  We all have goals, and unfortunately; their are 85% to 90% who do not see them through to the end.  Why, so many reasons why!  Let’s name a few to get started…

  • We set too many goals
  • We do not work on them every day
  • We quit too early because we do not see results fast enough…

Sound familiar??

Well, I put out 5 ways to help you with your goals.  Want to know the best part?  It’s only 5 simple things that you can start doing today.  Shoot, I am sure you can do 2 of them before you go to work or school today.


5 simple ways to help you get started.  They do not require a lot of work to get going, however, they will require consitincy.  Meaning, you will have to work on them EVERYDAY!!!  If you are too lazy to do so, than you better get comfortable on how your life is; because for the next 20..30.40 years, that is what your life is going to look like unless you make a change!!


Have you ever seen a Chinese Bamboo Tree?  I have a great story about a bamboo tree and how it relates to our lives.

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